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The Rockaway Community Justice Center opened its doors on May 28, 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the function of the space in its first few months looked quite a bit different than planned. Queens Defenders quickly responded to the dire needs of the community, providing emergency food assistance to residents of the Rockaways. Over the past several months, our team has worked to ensure that community members have had consistent access to food and other essential items. While we plan to continue these efforts, we are also kicking off the official launch of the RCJC’s diversion program.

In partnership with the Queens District Attorney and several other organizations, this program allows eligible defendants accused of low-level crimes to receive specialized intervention within their own community, rather than go through criminal court. We are proud to be a leading part of such a game-changing solution to local crime in an area of Queens that is too often overlooked.

Read the official statement from the Queens District Attorney: DA_Release_Rockaway_Comm_Justice_10_26_2020

Read more about the program here.